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2018 - Man... what a year. Every once in a while (and it seems to happen more often these days), you get a year that keeps on giving - and not in a good way! 2018 was no doubt one of the most difficult years we have ever had farming, and it was all due to something completely out of our control, Mother Nature. From experiencing a D4 drought from mid-June to late August, our corn never really had a fighting chance to put on any type of yield, and across Northern Missouri, farmers struggled to make money from their corn crop. Soybeans were Missouri farmers saving grace, as late August rains helped push yield into late maturity soybeans, and we were lucky to have planted the majority of our beans in longer maturing varieties. Once harvest came around, we were hit with extreme flooding, and difficulty getting crops out of the fields, and into the bins. This was a Midwest wide difficulty, and farmers are still fighting to get the crops out of the fields before a heavy snow sets in! Luckily, we are (knock on wood) down to our last few days of getting soybeans out, and then we will be moving on to our last acres of corn. If there's anything to learn from 2018 - it's to listen to the old adage "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!" We certainly hope that's the case, and we are already looking forward to what 2019 will bring.

We have a lot of new, exciting things coming down the pipeline for 2019 including: a new grain storage facility holding 1.1 million bushels of storage, a new state of the art office facility and workshop we will be starting on in January, and this website! From this website, we hope to show you what life is like on the farm, during all parts of the year. Many people don't understand what it takes to manage a farming and ranching operation, and the intricate and extremely advanced technology that is involved in modern agriculture. We hope to give you an inside look at one of Missouri's largest farming operations, from the ground up - and hope that you gain a new appreciation for what it takes to put food on the table, and that farmers nationwide work hard every single day, with no set hours or limits, to be able to make a living! Thanks for reading, and follow along as McBee Farm & Cattle Co moves into a new year! - Steven

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