As unfortunate as it is to be writing this for the second year in a row - it looks unavoidable at this point - planting will be delayed due to rainy weather!

While the current coronavirus epidemic hasn't affected our industry and operations like most (although we currently have 10 H2A workers unable to come over from South Africa due to travel restrictions), the current rainy conditions have shut us down more than we would have ever expected! Thus far - we have covered a little over 400 acres of planting in Arkansas, but other than that - have been shut out of the fields completely!

While these rains have kept us out in the fields - we have kept plenty busy working on our headquarters, our planting setups, and scaling up our other equipment and capacity to be able to handle the 43,000 acres we will be covering as soon as the fields are dry enough to get out into them!

We hope everyone is staying safe during these crazy times - always remember to stay positive, This too shall pass!

Back to the farm!

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