Exciting news coming from the farm today, as we have just partnered with First Southern Bank for 2020 and beyond! First Southern Bank is out of Florence, Alabama - and while they are a few states away from us here in Northern Missouri, the group from First Southern fits in perfectly with us Midwesterners!

When looking at a potential partner, we're always evaluating the fit first - and the business aspect later. Without like-minded visions on what a partnership should look like, there would be no trust or continuity within the two organizations, and it was immediately apparent when visiting with the management at First Southern Bank that we all wanted to move in the same direction, and loved the agriculture industry both personally and professionally.

No matter what business industry you are in - from technology to construction to agriculture - a business is only as good as the people it has working within it's doors, and at First Southern Bank, there is no doubt the group they have working for them are as good as gold.

Without quality partners, we wouldn't be able to see the aggressive growth plan we have in place come to fruition, and with a strong partnership such as this agreement - we're excited as can be about what the future holds and where McBee Farm & Cattle Co may be in just a few short years!

We've worked relentlessly at forming strong alliances over the past year, and feel as if we have the team/partners around us to take this company to new heights! For more information on our partners, please visit our website, and scroll over to our partners tab.

For more information specifically on First Southern Bank, please visit:

Look for more blog posts in the coming weeks, as season is just about to kick off here in Arkansas and the Midwest! It's about to get crazy!


Back to the farm!!

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